Recovery on Wheels

You see this car? This car is a symbol of change and recovery.

Change // Last fall, I slowly, but surely, relinquished my car-free lifestyle; and as I prepared to drive this car off the lot, the planner(d) in me took her last breath and died. (For everyday folks, my wording may be a bit dramatic, but for me, it’s warranted.) To make a long story short, I started a job that required a significant number of trips outside the city limits — more than what I had initially anticipated. Less than two months in, I knew I would need a different set of wheels to keep up with this change of pace, so I bit the bullet and became a car owner. Shortly after, for entirely unrelated reasons, my peace of mind died; and weeks later, so did my ties to that job.

“Life is always a bumpy road. Eventually you just learn how to drive on it.” — Unknown

Recovery // Just recently I began to view this car as an escape — a place where I can decompress, gather my thoughts, make plans, and allow the music lover in me to enjoy the best playlists for as long (and as loud!) as my heart desires. More specifically, I began to view it as a place where I can be still, sit in silence and, if necessary, cry. Of course I can do all these things at home, but it’s nice having a secondary, private space of my own where I can simply let go of the worries of the day before I make it to my front door. I like to call this “recovery on wheels.”

Prior to becoming a car owner, I wouldn’t have imagined this as one of the benefits of having a car; and although a part of me would like to go into great detail about the negative effects of car dependency, for now, I choose to focus on the positive.

What do you like about having a car? Is it a way to escape? Is it an escape in and of itself? Let’s talk about it!


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