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This Is 31


Let’s jump right in!

I’m kicking off my first blog post series entitled This Is 31. Throughout this five-part series, I will share five realities that my 13-year-old self wouldn’t have imagined for my 31-year-old self and how I’ve responded to them. The goal is to keep these posts honest and too-the-point . . . with a few injections of humor and words of advice (and gratitude, of course) here and there.

This series will allow me to stretch myself as a writer and as a woman striving for authenticity in every area of life. Moreover, it will allow me to express myself in unconventional, yet thought-provoking ways while doing one of my favorite things: sipping a latte (or two)!

Topics will include: faith, friendship, heartache, lifestyle choices, and self-discovery – perhaps it that order . . . still giving it some thought. As a bonus, you’ll get to learn more about past and present experiences that I rarely discuss and witness how you too can find strength in reflecting on your own experiences in healthy and productive ways. I invite you to share them using #EPthirtyone in future posts and comments. More to come!


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