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Point and Shoot

Meet the newest addition to my family — my nephew, Oliver Reece! He has the best sense of humor and he loves the camera. Can’t you tell?! I’m having so much fun with him; and as a proud auntie, I’m happy to share with you how I see him through my eyes.

Some time ago, I became the go-to photographer of the family; so naturally, my sister asked me to snap a few photos of our favorite little guy who’s now 7-months old. Just last month, he learned to sit up and eat baby food. Now he’s crawling and taking over the world with one tooth! He’s truly a sight to see with his many faces and little mannerisms. Just look at how much he enjoys the outdoors!

Nothing makes me happier than spending time with Oliver each week. To say that he’s growing fast would be an understatement, so I try to savor every moment with him . . . before he gets too big! I’ve cared for quite a few babies, and I have to say, 7-month old babies are my favorites. I love to see their little personalities shine through and it’s always fun to capture their little milestones (and fumbles :)) on camera. Did I tell you about that time I was a sitter/nanny for FOUR babies in the same age group? It was quite entertaining.

Without further ado, please enjoy these photos of my little treasure. I kindly ask that you refrain from using/sharing them without permission. Thanks for stopping by!



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