Finding the Words

Have you ever stumbled upon an article or blog post that echoed every hidden thought or sentiment you longed to share with your peers? In that moment, did you feel the urge to post it on social media without fear of being found out or receiving negative responses?

Well, this happened to me a few months ago after I read Single Black Women in Evangelical White Space by Jasmine Holmes. Her words nearly brought me to tears as I realized, for the first time, that I wasn’t alone in my thinking – be it right, wrong, or somewhere in between – concerning some very real and complex issues on race and culture. As someone who never initiates these types of conversations in mixed company, so to speak, I was happy to see that someone else did, and I wanted to chime in.

To start, I immediately shared Jasmine’s post on Facebook for all to see . . . Not to stir conflict or to create division, but to release some part of my innermost thoughts and feelings to anyone who cared to read along or nod in agreement. In all honesty, I was surprised at the number of people who actually took the time to acknowledge this post — particularly those I haven’t seen or spoken to in years.Β  Secretly, I had hopes that at least one person I interact with more regularly would read it and reach out offline . . . But that didn’t happen, and that’s okay . . . Baby steps.

Regardless, I’ve had several opportunities to talk to women (like me) who share Jasmine’s experiences, and I’m confident that if I learn to share my own more openly, additional opportunities will arise. My goals is to feel fully confident in my Creator and Heavenly Father who chose to make me a Black woman, and ultimately, chose to place me in spaces where I’m usually the only one. Perhaps then I could help more women feel less frustrated by their circumstances and the occasional questions that make them feel like an “other” rather than an image bearer.

Jasmine Holmes writes for Desiring God and other faith-based websites. Read more about her here.

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