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Friday Finds – No. 1

Let’s try something new.

I’m always browsing the web and saving links to things I want to read, watch, buy, or try. Sometimes, I save links to things I like to look at — be it photos, textiles, wallpapers, or other visually appealing finds; and although I don’t log into my Pinterest account as often as I used to, I revisit my boards from time to time to recall some of the things that caught my eye in the past.

This got me thinking about fun and creative ways to use my blog, to showcase some of the lighter sides of life – like my love of lattes, playlists, vlogs, and of course, all things nautical. So in an attempt to create more content at Every Page, each Friday, I’ll post one or two things that I absolutely love in “Friday Finds.”

During the month of November, I’ll make every attempt to prepare and publish this new content (in addition to regular content) each Friday. If it feels like something I can stick with, I’ll make it a regular part of my page.

So let’s jump in!

I love James Avery jewelry, and I recently stumbled upon this Life’s Journey Ring, which is the perfect complement to the theme of my last blog series. Plus, the simple compass design is a winner.

Description: The compass carries special meaning for those who wear it. Perhaps it’s a reminder of traveling, the direction life takes you or how you found the one [thing lol] you love.
I had this ring on my birthday wish list, but it didn’t make it to the party, so I may have to take matters into my own hands and pick it up this weekend. I already own one James Avery ring, which I wear on my right hand. Since the day I lost the one ring I wore on my left hand for 15 years, I’ve been looking for a suitable replacement. This compass ring might be the perfect find.



Update: The ring – she’s mine; and I’m in love! Went with size 5.5.

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