No Less Than Your Best

Tell me: Is there anyone more worthy of your best than you?

This isn’t meant to be a hyper-spiritual question or the beginnings of a motivational speech, but an opportunity to pause and consider if, at the most basic level, you’re more inclined to offer yourself anything less than what’s best for you in your present context . . .

If you are, let me just say that we’re sinking in the same boat, friends; and it’s time to start swimming.

Self Evaluation

I asked myself this question, and my immediate thought was, “No one — no one is more worthy of my best than me.” However, when I considered the ways in which I care for myself and all that’s entrusted to me, I definitely saw room for change. Additionally, I saw signs of apathy and complacency, and that didn’t sit well with me either. Bear in mind, my extended season of depression made it hard to see clearly over the last two years. But the clouds have somewhat parted in recent months, and now that I have a better view (from the inside out), I’m giving myself permission to evaluate what’s keeping me from my best self — for me and me alone.

Never Too Late

Recently, I spoke with a friend about my desire to give myself more, to stop shortchanging myself, and to stop saving my best for something (or someone) that may not be for me. In short, I had a new-found interest in challenging how I present myself; what I put into my body; how I plan for the future; and what messages I allow to take root in my heart. I even went as far as discussing what it would look like to truly invest in myself right now, in my early 30’s — because it’s never too late to start!

I’m talking about little things that could potentially have major impacts on my outlook and my life. Take a moment to think about what some of those things look like for you, and read on.

Shake Things Up

To get your thoughts flowing, here’s a multi-layered, real-life example from my present context:

I’ve lived in the same Central Austin neighborhood for the last seven years. The space and the location were perfect for my grad and post-grad school lifestyles, but it recent years, they’ve become a collective comfort zone. When I think about what’s best for me, I can definitely see how I continue to limit myself by staying where I am. I limit myself in terms of saving money (Central Austin is expensive!); achieving my longtime goal of downsizing and becoming a minimalist; and finally, getting a change of scenery while opening myself up to new possibilities.

The original goal I had of becoming a homeowner in the same space vanished with my unexpectedly long job hunt, so I’ve had to let go of that dream and get real about what’s in front of me. More importantly, I’ve had to learn what it’s like to give myself the best chance at a better life with what I have right now.

With that said, I’m getting rid of nearly everything I own and moving in the next 30 days. A door opened, so I’m walking through it because, I know wholeheartedly it’s one of the best gifts I can give to myself right now –along with total freedom to wander (without a lease!) and to start fresh. (More details to come on this journey!)

Don’t Hold Back

As a single woman, the only person holding me back from my best and anything worth pursuing is me. I could probably list twenty or more thought processes that have inhibited my ability to think rationally in this regard, but it’s truly life-changing to see the light. Now, more than ever, I’m grateful for the option to choose –to put some dreams on hold (or throw them out altogether!) as I pursue what’s best for me, within reason; and I invite you to do this same.

  • Do you want to improve your outward appearance?
  • Do you want to continue your education or pick up a new skill?
  • Do you want to better manage your finances or your schedule?
  • Do you want to change your exercise and/or eating habits?
  • Do you want to heal past wounds and seek counseling?
  • Do you want to grow emotionally and spiritually?
  • Do you want to start fresh in a new setting?

Whatever it is that you want to do for you, think about what’s holding you back. If it’s some mythical form of your present reality, think about why that might be the case . . . If it’s pure self-neglect or self-sabotage, make a change. Don’t do it for anyone else. Do it for you and the journey ahead.

There’s no time like the present! So let’s get out of that sinking boat today, take a deep breath, and swim towards a better tomorrow.

We owe it to ourselves to at least try.



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