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Meet Teri Durden, IMH-C
The Period Planner

The Basics

What is menstrual health literacy?

Knowledge in reading and understanding menstrual patterns, symptoms, and signs of health throughout your menstrual cycle – not just during your period

Why should I care about it?

To understand what your body is telling you and to use that information to guide your diet, lifestyle, and reproductive health choices

To promote hormone health and to heal menstrual disorders

I can help you plan for a consistent, non-disruptive, and ovulatory period – naturally.

For more information, email me at teri@everypage.blog or follow me on Instagram: @everypage.mhl

Personalized 1:1 Learning

30-day Knowledge-Based Program Highlights:

  • Discover healthy foods, habits, and supplements that support a healthy menstrual cycle
  • Learn how to chart and sync your cycle
  • Gain confidence as you learn more about your body and how to keep your hormones in check
  • Fix your PMS symptoms for good
  • Restore your gut health
  • Live in harmony with your body’s natural rhythms

Program includes weekly check-ins plus text and voice support. Book a free 30-min consultation by filling out this form.

“One of my biggest goals was to get pregnant and because of my newfound knowledge… I am now pregnant and expecting in 2023! Definitely recommend starting this program with Teri!”

Serena F.

Speaking Engagements

Invite me to your next event

If you’re hosting pre-teen girls, teenage girls, or women and would like to incorporate menstrual health education, from a Christian viewpoint, into your program, then I could be a good fit! I’ll cover age-appropriate topics related to:

  • the menstrual cycle
  • cycle-syncing
  • healthy diet and lifestyle choices
  • PMS fixes
  • body image issues
  • feminine hygiene and more

Tell me about your in-person or virtual event, and I’ll be in touch.

“After implementing Teri’s suggestions, I’m happy to say I am much more balanced and well-rested. I no longer suffer from heavy cramping before and during my period. My menses are now healthy, pain-free, and brief, and I get a good night’s sleep every night.”

Toni G.


I’m here to help you learn and to offer support as you manage your menstrual symptoms and heal. I do not diagnose or treat menstrual disorders, but I can help you look for clues. For testing, a diagnosis, or treatment, please seek out a medical professional.

Jesus turned, and seeing her he said, “Take heart, daughter; your faith has made you well.” And instantly the woman was made well.

Matthew 9:22


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