My interest in menstrual health literacy grew out of my personal journey toward becoming the woman of my dreams – the healthier, happier, and more whole woman I always imagined myself to be.

After undergoing a myomectomy in 2020, that journey intensified and led to my year of healing, from the inside out, in 2021. Now my aim is to help you on your journey!

Expect more content on women’s hormone health and period solutions among other topics in 2022.

Who’s That Girl?

Think about the physical, mental, and emotional challenges you face. Could it be that something is off? Could it be that the woman is the mirror isn’t, in fact, the real you?

Is Your Period Ovulatory?

I posed this question on Instagram, and 62% of the women who responded said, “Not sure…”

Becoming the Woman of Your Dreams

Becoming the woman of your own dreams is less exhausting and far more fulfilling than becoming the woman of someone else’s dreams


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