Becoming the Woman of Your Dreams – Part 2

Hello there, faithful readers! If you’re wondering where I’ve been, then I’m about to tell you that and much more. If you’re new here, then I invite you to check out my previous blog post before you read this one. On that note, welcome to Every Page! I have some exciting, and hopefully inspiring, news to share.

Ladies – in my previous blog post, I challenged you to focus on becoming the woman of your dreams. Well here we are, over two months later, and I must admit that, that blog post challenged me, too. After I published it, I felt the urge to continue to make more positive changes in my own life; and by the end of the month, things really revved up – so much so that I had to take time away from writing and give all of my attention to my new goals.

It turns out that the woman of my own dreams is more healthy from the inside out and less fearful of the future. So I prayerfully made the decision to step outside of my comfort zone to tend to her needs, and as a result, the woman of my dreams is thriving like never before and conquering fears left and right. In fact, she’s no longer a dream! I can confidently say that she is alive and well, and her future is bright. Keep scrolling to read about my personal journey.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

– Proverbs 31:25

Battling Uterine Fibroids

In May 2020, I had a myomectomy; and all of the pressure that came with making that decision really shook me. As someone who desires to have children someday, the last thing I wanted to hear was that it wouldn’t be a possibility if I didn’t act soon. I was devastated, but I held onto the hope that remained – even after one gynecologist suggested that I was at risk of having a full hysterectomy. I decided to tune her out and listened to other women talk about their struggles with uterine fibroids and how they were still able to have children. From there, I pressed on and found a trusted gynecologist who specializes in minimally invasive, robotic procedures.

Long story short, after my procedure, I recovered well and made a commitment to myself to do whatever I could to heal my body and decrease my chances of having another surgery. However, I didn’t know what that would look like as I was informed that there was no way that I could prevent my fibroids from coming back. I struggled to believe that, because deep down, I knew there was a way. I was still hopeful; and as I made my way into the new year, that hope increased.

Getting Healthy

In March 2021, I was determined to make things happen on my own because that’s what I’m used to; but after a month of going it alone, I failed and had to go back to God with my disappointment. For the first time, I shared my discouragement with friends. I remember feeling a sense of shame as I put a ton of pressure on myself for not doing enough – whatever that meant. Fortunately, God was looking out for me and He knew what I needed. In His perfect timing, He sent help… And not just any help – help that only He could bring about. Help that I couldn’t have imagined on my own even if I tried.

Miraculously, my world collided with the most patient, loving, and God-fearing health coach. I signed on with him at the beginning of April 2021, and he quickly worked with me to identify my health goals. Although I had my doubts (in myself, primarily), I followed his six-week plan to the best of my ability. I absorbed all of the information he shared on what would shrink my fibroids and prevent new ones from growing. I also learned how excess body fat, unbalanced hormones, stressors, and unfavorable lifestyle choices would hinder my body’s ability to heal on its own. No crazy diets, workouts, or obsessions over how far I had to go. No shaming or bullying me into losing weight and getting healthy. Just the kindness of a coach, natural healing through nutritious foods, fasting, and a WHOLE LOT OF PRAYER.

Conquering Fears

Much of my health journey has been about conquering my biggest fears. Fear of never having children. Fear of having another surgery. Fear of asking for help. Fear of hoping for something that might never come. Fear of failing. Fear of completely letting myself go out of hopelessness and despair. The list goes on.

You know what’s even more thrilling? I completed my six-week plan and successfully continued on with my new, healthier lifestyle on my own. I’m feeding my body good things, managing stress, and doing whatever I need to do to keep my health a priority. No fear of not having enough time in the day. No fear of the stress of a busy season at work getting the best of me. No fear of a lack of support. I was blessed to receive everything that I needed to create lasting change and to help the woman of my own dreams (i.e., the healthiest and happiest version of me) continue to blossom.

AND guess who’s going to wear a swimsuit for the first time in a crazy number of years (without fear!) real soon… ME! Now that I think about it, it’s crazy that I can even talk about this stuff publicly. Old Teri would never.

The Results

If you’re curious to know what I’ve accomplished to date, here are a few high points:

  • More balanced hormones
  • Less stress
  • 0 sugar cravings
  • Less period pain
  • Minimal hormonal acne
  • Little to no bloating
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Several inches down
  • 35 lbs down
  • Exercising daily (who am I?)
  • Bonus: No more eczema flare-ups! (which severely impacted my sleep patterns)

I don’t have any before and after photos to share because we’re still working on that confidence :); but for the latest info on my health journey, please follow me on my Instagram page! I can’t wait to check in with my doctor and receive positive feedback on how well I’m doing.

Now It’s Your Turn

Are you stalling on becoming the woman of your own dreams? If so, then let my story be a sign that it’s time to start living! Your journey will look different than mine, but I challenge you to do at least one thing that gets you a step closer to what you want. Ask for the help you need. Seek information. Invest real time in yourself. Pray. Do whatever you need to do to conquer that fear of starting and/or failing, and make the dreamy you the real you.

You owe it to yourself.


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