Serena F.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Teri on her 30-Day Menstrual Health Literacy Program. It was very personal and educational. Prior to going through her program, I must admit I had little knowledge about my menstrual health, and I never knew the different phases of my cycle! From the beginning, Teri took the time to understand and help me develop my personal long-term goals. She also specifically helped me understand the impact of certain lifestyle habits that I had developed which influenced my stress, irritability, and weight gain. Thankfully, Teri recommended so many resources and lifestyle changes and was able to talk me through these changes and the many benefits of them! Each meeting was very informative! Also, one of my biggest goals was to get pregnant and because of my newfound knowledge of my cycle/ tracking ovulation, thanks to Teri, I am now pregnant and expecting in 2023! Definitely recommend starting this program with Teri!