Toni G.

My experience with Teri’s menstrual health literacy was very beneficial in helping me on my journey to meet my long-term goals of being in peak health, having a healthy menstrual cycle, and feeling more in balance. While reinforcing knowledge I already possessed, I learned so much more. 

I’ve always had a regular menstrual cycle, but learning about the phases of my menstrual cycle put me in control of my activities and resting periods. I had insomnia and wanted to feel less anxious and overwhelmed. I discussed my concerns with Teri. We went over my long-term goals and how I wanted to feel. She listened and created a personal plan. I appreciate Teri’s dedication to offering menstrual health literacy and applying that knowledge to my personal experience.  

After implementing Teri’s suggestions, I’m happy to say I am much more balanced and well-rested. I no longer suffer from heavy cramping before and during my period. My menses are now healthy, pain-free, and brief, and I get a good night’s sleep every night. 

Teri’s purpose is an anointing. She is sincere and knowledgeable and a blessing to women. She comes highly recommended in my book.