Advice for Singles – Day 2

As you can see from the title, you’re entering day two of a blog post series on advice for singles. If this is your first time joining, be sure to check out the previous post for a backstory and for advice from day one. It’s a 3-minute read and it’s a good, so don’t skip out!

The majority of these posts will be brief as we have a lot of ground to cover and only five more days to go. Let’s jump into day two.

“Wife sounds better than girlfriend, but single sounds better than stupid.”

“Don’t let anyone rush you into something you’ll regret.”

Read the first quote again and let the words sink in.

For singles who desire to date intentionally or with a purpose, the end goal is usually marriage. This is a good thing; and if marriage is what you desire, then my prayer for you is that it would be fulfilled. But please… never lower your standards and accept less than God’s best for you for the sake of earning a title. This is foolish and does not end well for anyone.

Protect your life. Don’t let your desire for marriage overshadow your best judgement. Don’t let your desire to enter the next stage of life lead you astray. Don’t let the fear of loneliness or “missing out” drive you senseless. Choosing a spouse is a big decision. Be smart about it and take all the time you need. Seek God and wise counsel. I’d rather see you single and whole than boo’d up and barely making it.

Now that I think about it, I can’t tell you how many time I’ve heard married people lamenting their decision to marry at a certain age, in a certain season, under questionable circumstances, or in the hopes that some thing(s) about their someone would somehow change. The general consensus is that a sound mind or a willingness to acknowledge that something wasn’t right and that marriage wasn’t going to fix it, would have caused them to wait or choose differently.

When and if the opportunity for marriage presents itself, I don’t want this to be my story and I don’t want it to be yours. Not everything can be perfect, but that’s not the point here. You know a red flag when you see it, and that’s not the time to throw caution to the wind and make poor decisions.

Choose wisely, and come back tomorrow for day three.

2 responses to “Advice for Singles – Day 2”

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