Advice for Singles – 7 posts, 7 days

About a week ago, I asked my friends and followers on Instagram to share their best pieces of advice for singles. Not advice on dating and marriage masked as advice for singles; but real advice for singles to live by –regardless of their interest in pursing romantic relationships. In short, this exercise proved to be more difficult than I thought it would be.

A few people insisted that they couldn’t come up with anything worth sharing aside from the very limited pieces of advice that I had already re-shared in my stories. To be clear, I invited single, dating, and married people to chime in as I assumed some would dismiss the exercise altogether or silently follow along without my intervention. Ultimately, this didn’t make a huge difference in the submissions I received; but the collective interest from my audience was intriguing and they many ways in which society fails singles was evident.

To make a long story short, my goal was to compile this information and my personal thoughts into a blog post series, so here we are – blogging! For convenience, I grouped together similar and related points to discuss in greater detail over the next 7 days. Whether you’re single, dating, engaged, or married, I invite you to follow along as you and/or someone you know might benefit from it.

“Work on you, for you.”

“Invest in yourself.”

“Take full advantage of the time you have as a single.”

These points are key.

How often do we go after something or make positive changes in our lives to please others? I say too often. And once we realize that the unspoken promise of total acceptance and approval will never arrive, the emotional toll has already been taken. Then we’re forced to re-evaluate who we are becoming, and ultimately, our why.

If you’re single and you want to continue your education, change your career path, get a makeover, see a therapist, develop a new skill, or simply start over, then let it be first and foremost for your own benefit. Let it be an extension of love towards yourself. And if you’re a Christian, let it also be to the glory of God whose acceptance and approval doesn’t hinge on our accomplishments, but whose love and guidance can propel us toward our fullest potential. 

Now that we’ve covered these foundational pieces of advice, prepare to come back for more tomorrow.

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