Advice for Singles – Day 5

Did you crack a smile while reading yesterday’s blog post? I certainly hope so! This series wouldn’t be complete without a few elements of fun, and there’s plenty more on the way. But for now, I want to invite you to pause and share in a brief heart-to-heart.

To the women who are experiencing what some people call “prolonged singleness”. To those who feel like they’re at a disadvantage because of their singleness. To those who want to be free from the lies embedded in church culture and in the world at large. This next set of advice I received (from married women, I might add) is for you.

“Singleness is not JV.”

“Companionship is complementary, not completion.”

“I didn’t truly know this until I was married, but fulfilment does NOT come from a spouse.”

Church culture has a way of making adult singles feel like marriage is the ultimate accomplishment. Not repentance. Not salvation. Not spiritual growth. Not positive lifestyle changes. Marriage. As if walking down the aisle means you somehow achieve spiritual enlightenment or “varsity status” in the Kingdom.

This is perhaps one of the biggest lies I ever bought into; and if you’ve been around long enough, perhaps you bought into it, too. Not to mention, we live in a world where single women in general are not celebrated nearly as much as those who are married and have children.

For the record: if you are single and in Christ, then you are complete, you are called, and you are more than qualified. Get out there! Mentor, teach, lead. Do it all. The church needs single people for purposes that extend far beyond serving in children’s ministry and babysitting, so go and walk in your purpose. 

As you take those next steps, my prayer for you is that you would feel deeply fulfilled. That God would swiftly redeem the time you feel was lost. That you would wake up each day and I know that God is accomplishing great things in and through you and that you don’t need another’s seal of approval to carry on.

Be free and meet me back here tomorrow.

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